Being Your Biggest Cheerleader – A Daily Reminder

If life was a game would you consider yourself on the winning team or do you find yourself struggling to score? Are you confident in your natural abilities or are you constantly seeking validation for what you’re good at? Sometimes, when we’re facing competition, the biggest opponent can be our own interpretations of who we are, underestimating our natural abilities and how we are using our strengths.

Life tends to present a number of obstacles that can direct us to a space where we find success, even in the face of opposition. Whether our opposition is internal or external, we have to find ways to reassure ourselves that we are worthy of the challenge. Being the biggest cheerleader for ourselves can be the element in which we are able to win no matter the challenges we are facing and the result of our trials. Every risk that we take is for the benefit of our improvement and every failure is only to advance us in our next attempt. If there is something to be gained every time you make an attempt to face those challenges, you have won. You don’t lose when you make the decision that your next play is in an effort to score.


Journaling offers you the opportunity to remind yourself that you are a winner, that you have what it takes to be victorious. Write memos in your journal to keep the idea that your natural abilities, skills and talents are so that you can achieve your goals and see your dreams come true. You are your biggest cheerleader! Encourage yourself through prayers, mantras or simply positive sayings to speak and live in a way that elevates your position. When people see you speaking and living in a way that elevates your position, then they too will want to be on the winning team. The TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook is an excellent place to write these notes so that you begin living a winning lifestyle. If life was a game, would you just be watching silently or would you cheer yourself along? It’s your life and your energy – let’s put it to good use!

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