Father’s Day: Making Dad Proud

One of the first noted observances of Father’s Day occurred in Fairmont, West Virginia in 1908 where Grace Golden Clayton was mourning the loss of her father from a mining accident the year before, taking the lives of many men and leaving behind a thousand fatherless children. Though her efforts to make Father’s Day a nationally recognized event didn’t become signed into law until 1972, Grace honored her father by doing something that eventually gained speed and manifested into what has become a special time to honor ALL fathers. 

Sometimes, our toughest obstacles can be making our parents proud – especially Dad. Have you ever dealt with that feeling of disappointment, knowing you’re letting down the one person who couldn’t be more proud of your every move? That feeling can be unsettling and even create the feeling of competitiveness that we think dads look for in their children. Whether we be men or women, our fathers instill a sense of authority in us and we recognize it when being challenged with something bigger than us. A father represents images of a provider, protector, disciplinarian, a coach and an advisor. It is the role of the father that we acknowledge to be the one that brings a child through his/her obstacles and for that reason it is a natural desire to overcome the obstacle of making dad proud. Remember, your dad has seen the challenges of life before you were born and it is through your arrival, which allowed him to become a father, this makes him proud.


It is crucial that you find a way to express those sentiments about your father as every relationship is different. What do you appreciate about your dad? If your father has passed on, how can you honor him through your words and actions?

GAMMS Unlimited encourages you to take a moment to reflect on what drives you to make your dad proud! Our TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook allows you to record and pinpoint those areas in your relationship with your father that push you to be a better person.  One thing about a great father: he will never ask for much – only to do your best – as that is the gift that keeps on giving!

Take a moment to remember your father by calling, writing or sending him a card.  Fathers need to hear from those who love them.

Happy Father’s Day from GAMMS Unlimited Life and Career Coaching
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