GAMMS Unlimited in the News – And , The Winner Is…

GAMMS Unlimited LLC…Life & Career Coaching receives the “PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD” for the Best Booth Display at the 2017 National Black Theatre Festival (NTBF) in Winston Salem, North Carolina on August 5, 2017. This award is decided by vote and awarded to the vendor who displayed neatness, and the best creativity, as well as other specific guidelines outlined by the NBTF. This award is one of four distinct honors, but ranks the highest amongst the others. The other accolades were:

  • MOST Innovative Product or Service Award
  • Spirit of the Festival Award
  • Sylvia Hamlin Literary Award

This year’s Festival netted more than $8M in revenue, utilizing some 3,500 hotel rooms, and provided a boost in both restaurant and business proceeds for the City of Winston-Salem. The week-long event kicked off on Monday, July 31st and ran through Saturday night, August 5th offering attendees a host of performances (many of which were sellout crowds). This is the NTBF’s 15th biennial event, which was founded in 1989. It boasts an assortment of plays, poetry, storytelling, authors, creative dance, artwork, the Market…displaying many handmade items such as clothing, jewelry, and accessories….as well as many, many more creative expressions.

GAMMS Unlimited, LLC is a first-year vendor for this well attended Festival, which hosted approximately 45,000 attendees. President & Owner, Maxine Phillips says she met so many wonderful people from all across the U.S. and across the pond! “This event was so well organized and flawless, and I was able to share my passion for journaling, as well as interview attendees and other business owners”. Her book TRANSFORMATION Write + Share + Live is a tool to help individuals transform how they work, live and build their careers. “My goal is to Transform Generations One Person at a Time”! Maxine said, “my passion for journaling began at an early age, and has transpired into my profession as a Life & Career Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Consultant, and Author.” She also spoke about life and career coaching, as well as how journaling helps record achievements and is a powerful tool when assisting others’ build resumes and develop interviewing techniques. Maxine says, “I know first-hand the power of journaling, because it was my food journaling that saved my life from a medical condition that had gone undiagnosed.”

GAMMS Unlimited, LLC offers the following services for youth, adults and organizations: Ability Assessments, Individual Coaching, Workshops & Seminars, and Public Speaking Engagements. To learn more about GAMMS Unlimited, LLC, and how you can TRANSFORM you or your children’s lives, please visit Contact Maxine Phillips at or by calling 919-349-1726.

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