Goal Setting: Pushing Past Limits

Addressing behaviors, personality traits and methods to achieve the success you’re looking for!

Last night, a young lady shared on social media that she was having issues when it came to her personal image. This was not regarding her physical appearance but actually taking a look at her thoughts and personal achievements and where she wanted to go next in her life. She described current self as a shell. Then a question was asked:

Is not a tortoise more than its shell?”

When it comes to the battle of self and grasping what you see in the proverbial mirror, we’re faced with hard truths about the way we treat others and ourselves. We are faced with the responsibility of being honest and having to account for our words and actions. This includes the things that we tell ourselves about what we’re going to do to improve and when we’re going to do them and the question of why we are making these improvements in the first place.


Some people act immediately when pursuing their goals. Others are like tortoises, taking their time to approach resolution and address the challenges of pursuing their goals at their own pace. Know that there is nothing wrong with that however, one should also know that the shell of the tortoise is just a home to house the body that moves.

When you are setting goals, it is important to identify what kind of goal setting person you are so that you are not hindered by any aspects of yourself that contribute to your ability to push past your limitations. Grab your journal and take a moment to think about your approach to accomplishing your goals. Are you a fast-starter or do you take time to approach your goals? Are there elements of yourself that you feel may cause an obstacle in achieving your goals? Journaling these factors can help you self-discover and assess what is a limitation and what is your natural way when taking the next steps toward improvement.. Upon journaling, if you find that you have traits that can hinder you or mistook a limitation as a behavior that can positively be a valuable asset in achieving your goals, then take note of these behaviors. Writing down and seeing your goal can be a tool in setting realistic and achievable goals as well as understanding how you go about obtaining your goals.

GAMMS Unlimited approach to transforming yourself starts with journaling. Use the TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook to begin your journey of successfully writing specific goals, setting realistic time frame for your action items and documenting your achievement or lessons learned when you are faced with an obstacle.   Achieving your goals and conquering the factors that have put limitations on us in the past helps us to push forward in the now.

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