Interviewing – What are the New Rules

Have you ever felt completely at a disadvantage when setting up interviews and being fully prepared for them? Who hasn’t? Even if you have always owned your own company, don’t you have to interview to obtain bank credit, earn customers and clients, establish supplier and vendor relationships, etc.?

At one time or another, all of us are involved in some type of interview, with job interviewing probably being the most stressful and ambiguous undertaking. Feeling and looking confident to a prospective employer is very important – you know, first impressions are very important. Then comes the challenge of being prepared for any question an interviewer might throw at you.

Interviewing is actually a job of “before, during and after”. How successfully you navigate and prepare during the process could mean the difference between getting a job, getting the loan, or getting the new client.

Learning about the prospective organization you are interviewing for, understanding your strengths and challenges, preparing questions you may have of the interviewer, etc., are all part of the process of interviewing. In addition, interviewing skills and techniques such as being able to succinctly verbalize the “tell me about yourself” question, why you are right for the job, what you can bring to the role, and how you work best with others are all keys in the company calling you back for a second interview and third interview, let alone offering you the job.

Role-play before the interview. It will make you feel more at ease and the interviewer will be impressed that you are prepared. Utilize a friend, coach, spouse to help you with a question and answer session.

Finally, after the interview, have you made the appropriate follow-up contacts with the people you interviewed with?

GAMMS’s Unlimited offers a one-on-one or group training option for our Interviewing Coaching Process. The process has been proven to positively help professionals in achieving and succeeding in job interviews. Whether you need direction and focus in “before” the interview techniques such as company research and job position requirements, “during” the interview role-play discussions and questioning/answering, or “after” the interview follow-up, we are with you all the way.

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