Levelless President & Founder Receives Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

RALEIGH, NC (April 15, 2023) – Maxine Pearl Phillips, President and founder of LEVELLESS/GAMMS UNLIMITED LLC, received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award on March 12, 2023, at the Lugano Ristorante in Cary, NC.

Dr. Rubye Braye, President of Wu Li Turtle Corporation, pinned and presented the award to Phillips at a dinner in her honor. The highest honor for individuals, the prestigious award is granted to leaders who have volunteered 4000 hours or more during their lifetime. 

“It is an honor to receive an award that recognizes the contribution I made by doing what I love to do. ” I am transforming generations and leaving my legacy.“ Phillips said. Recipients of this award demonstrate to their colleagues and communities their commitment to paying it forward. Phillips joins an elite group of peers dedicated to sharing their time, talents, and resources to impact their communities and the world. 

Phillips is a dynamic career and performance management coach who applies the one-step-at-a-time approach when helping professionals in transition and students (college and high school). She helps them to find their everyday natural abilities and strengths and helps them choose a career/profession that matches them. As a result, her clients have placed in the top three candidate spots after interviewing for positions. 

Throughout her 50-plus years of volunteering, Phillips has received numerous achievements. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the West Virginia All-Black Schools Sports and Academic Hall of Fame at Excelsior High School with the Greatest of the Great Academic award. In addition, Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company, recognized Phillips for her leadership and commitment to advocating for healthy lifestyle changes in their Sanofi Digest. She also received recognition from several state senators for the International Culture and Africa and African American Cultural Awareness days within the Allen Independent School District in Texas. Phillips was also recognized by the American Diabetes Association – Eastern Division for her advocacy and leadership and served on the Eastern North Carolina Executive Team in 2018. 

She received the Career Development Appreciation from North Carolina Project Management Institute – RTP Chapter for her career advocacy, workshop facilitation, and serving as a keynote speaker. In addition, Phillips is known for her strong performance management and career assignment search. Within one of her career workshops, 16 of the 18 participants received job offers. She is also an Unsung Hero from Collin College and has volunteered with a diverse group of learners from elementary through university and for-profit and nonprofit organizations. 


Levelless® Career Coaching and Performance Management Consulting is a GAMMS Unlimited LLC firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC. They work with professionals and students (college and high school) to discover who they are, define their success, design strategies, and develop strengths so that they can deliver and execute with excellence. As a result, clients know their worth, self-advocate, and continue to succeed on their terms. Enabling them to reach the career they want, the salary they desire, and live the lifestyle they deserve. 

The services provided are career coaching, ability assessments, and performance management consulting. In addition, these services include personal and professional development, leadership, performance management, and social and life skills training. 

SOURCE LEVELLESS® is a division of GAMMS UNLIMITED LLC. For more information, please visit https://www.levellessco.com. 

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