Love Lifted Me When Nothing Else Would Help! Remembering the victims of Orlando, Florida

Love lifted me.  Love lifted me. When nothing else would help love lifted me.  Growing up as a child, this song seemed to always bring me comfort.  Truly, this morning, I find that in the midst of all that is going on in this world, the wake of the Orlando tragedy, my heart reached back and deep and pulled out this little song, to help move me through this day.  Yes, I have prayed and continue to pray for the victims and the families of Orlando.  But now I have taken to my pen and journal, as I need to give my feelings about this horrific attack on a group of people in the midst of celebration, a place to rest and be at peace.  And that is what I am encouraging you to do. Write!

Today, take a moment for yourself, gather your thoughts, your pen or pencil, and your journal, and give those feelings, thoughts, and prayers a place to resound.  Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by the senselessness of this incident. You may not have a song to give your feelings a voice but you have a voice in your heart.  It does matter how you feel and the important thing here is to write! Why? If you are angry, write.  If you are scared, write.  If you just want to remember someone affected by the impact or how you felt when you heard the news and or about your emotions at that this, write. Just write!  For it is in journaling, that you are empowered to set free those thoughts that might weigh you down while discovering the good and embracing it.   You may find through your expressions, a new song of joy and comfort or a poem of hope or of love or of peace and healing emerging from deep within.  Journaling allows you to release your inner thoughts!


I leave you with this, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”   –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    

Now, is the time; we must come together to show love.  Choose to LOVE today! Keep the families of the victims in our thoughts and prayers as they move forward.  I believe, we are a Masterpiece, uniquely created for a purpose, and given natural abilities to reach our destiny!” Use your abilities and your purpose to help in any way you possibly can today and in the days ahead.  It is the small things in life that make the biggest differences.  Any deed, any act of kindness that you show will be greatly appreciated.

–Continuing to change generations, one person at time, I am Maxine Phillips, Life and Career Coach.

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