Maxine Pearl Phillips Ignites Inspiration at TEDx Raleigh with ‘Living Your Legacy’ Talk

Maxine Pearl Phillips, Creator of the Levelless Mindset® philosophy, took the stage at the recent TEDx Raleigh event, leaving the audience spellbound with a transformative talk on “Living Your Legacy.” 

The event, which is in its fourth year, concluded with resounding success, drawing accolades from attendees and participants alike. Raleigh was lit abuzz with innovation, ideas, and inspiration as the panel of 10 diverse speakers shared their actionable insights and perspectives. Phillips’ talk, titled “Transformation: Write, Share, Live- Living Your Legacy,” delivered profound insights and actionable strategies on Levelless Living, encouraging audience members to seize their ability to impact their community and beyond.

As she eloquently put it, “It’s more than the number of days you live but the impact you make while living.”

Phillips’ success lies in her unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of positive change. Her talk was curated to showcase the power of living one’s legacy by teaching the audience strategies to live within their legacy as well. 

She is available to speak on a wide range of topics, including Becoming a TEDx Speaker, Levelless Living, and Her Personal Story, as well as tips and strategies directly from her TEDx talk.

About Maxine Pearl Phillips: Maxine Pearl Phillips, a celebrated figure in life, career and high-performance consulting, personal and professional development, and customer service imperatives, took center stage at TEDx Raleigh. Renowned for her transformative work, a first-generation college graduate, the recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement for Volunteer Service, Unsung Heroine, and author of “Transformation: Write + Share + Live.” Her journal and guidebook have propelled thousands to move forward in their God-given abilities. She is also the Podcast Host of the Maxine Pearl Phillips’ Life Strategies Show on PODTV, ROKU, AMAZON, Spotify, and in over 200 countries.

At the heart of Maxine’s philosophy is the Levelless Mindset®, a groundbreaking approach where individuals become resilient and understand how to achieve “Success without Levels” by leveraging their abilities and strengths. Through her unwavering commitment, Maxine has transformed her life from the coal mines of West Virginia to the Chief Experience Officer of LEVELLESS® Consulting continues to challenge norms and inspire and transform countless individuals locally and globally.

About TEDx: TEDx events are a global initiative that empowers local communities to organize and host TED-like experiences. The TEDx Raleigh event’s theme of “10 Ideas, 10 Speakers, 10 Minutes,” brought together a diverse range of speakers selected from over 400 applications worldwide. This self-organized gathering showcased the depth and breadth of innovative ideas shaping our community and the world.

Bearta Alchacar, the event coordinator for TEDx Raleigh, expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “The objective with TEDx Raleigh has always been to spotlight groundbreaking thinkers and innovators. Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response from the community, I believe we achieved just that.”

Please visit the official TEDx YouTube Channel for those who missed the live event, including Maxine’s captivating talk. Watch Maxine’s talk here


Media Inquiries: For further details, exclusive interviews, or media inquiries, speaking opportunities please contact: Maxine Pearl Phillips



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