There is no one-size-fits-all! We personalize your program according to your desired outcomes and goals to become Levelless by continuously achieving success.



Coaching for Success is our key to empowering you with the tools and techniques to make the right career, education, and/or life decisions for yourself with the confidence that those decisions will lead to the purposeful, joy-filled life you imagine. Our approach to your personal, professional, or business need will depend on your vision and goal. Our clients have continuously achieving success, been invited to take aa seat at many executive tables, and some have become entrepreneur creating an executive table and invited other women to take a seat.





When you face a transition, it’s not just about getting another job; it’s about aligning your potential with present or emerging opportunities that create a genuine win-win, leading to organizational results and professional fulfillment.


We offer a comprehensive set of coaching and consulting workshops/courses so that your personal brand is your thumbprint that is recognized. When you participate in our courses, you turn limitations into strengths, share and communicate your worth, become the influence of authority, be intentional, and understanding your purpose are just a few of the powerful learning experiences. You are prepared to be the person of choice, position yourself for upward or lateral mobility, be a world influencer, and become the levelless woman who is now making executive decisions.




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The HAB ability assessment, reports, and feedback consultations have transformed careers and lives for tens of thousands of people worldwide.


Designed for individuals, industry leaders, and C-level executives, the assessment reveals how natural abilities influence roles, responsibilities, and skill development opportunities. Our specialized report builds self-awareness of yourself and your leadership talents and strengths and relates them to specific behaviors and blind spots to offer practical solutions. Our clients have found their purpose and navigated their lives and careers around who they are and their purpose.



Career & Life Coach, Maxine Phillips, says journaling is a key to personal growth, fulfillment, and success in life.  The author of the newly released journal and guidebook says she encourages her clients to write down their thoughts as often as possible so they are able to capture the emotions and feelings of the moment. Phillips says, “Writing down your thoughts and ideas allows you to be completely honest with yourself.  It can also be a great problem-solving tool and very therapeutic.”

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