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Team coaching has been developed as a cost-effective, efficient way to deliver team development to maximize activities and opportunities for interaction. In this way, participants can acquire insights specific to themselves as individuals and the impact they have on the team, resulting in high-performing teams!


This group is limited to twenty participants.


Intact teams consist of individuals who work together in a common enterprise. Intact teams use the Ability Battery to gain insights into personal abilities as well as team development. They will go through the stages of team development and engage in team building exercises.


Homogeneous groups are a collection of individuals who have something in common, though they are not part of an intact team. For example, all sales people in one company or all teachers in a school or in a department of a school are homogeneous groups. The primary interest is developing an understanding of how people with other ability profiles perform job functions similar to theirs.


What to expect:

  1. Each team member takes the Ability Battery (3-hour online assessment)
  2. Each team member receives a 32-page assessment report
  3. A group feedback session is held with all members to understand the team dynamic (no specific personal feedback is discussed)

What to Expect

4. Team meets for team development sessions as agreed upon based on the program agreement. Contact our office for further details

5. Each team member can receive a 2-hour confidential personalized feedback conference (optional)*