The MLK Way of Seeing the Dream into Fruition – Motivating Self Into Action

Today, many will take the time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King in all of his actions to pursue justice along the path of Civil Rights. Those actions were not just made in a moment’s decision. These actions took time to come into full manifestation and without the outlining and writing down of these plans would we not have seen the solutions that have come from the men and women who joined MLK in seeing his dream come to past.

More than just the Letters from Birmingham, Dr. King wrote a number of letters to friends, family, political advisors and to those who were in the fight for justice reform just as he was to share ideas, create alliances, and set goals in seeking cooperative measures from others. At GAMMS Unlimited, we can stand firm on the knowledge that Dr. King also kept a journal of his own thoughts and that his personal memoirs have been published for the world to see exactly what went through the mind of a man that many would declare amazing while he would see himself as equal to all – no more or no less than any other.

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On a day where many are taking time off from work and school in observance of the holiday, have you thought about the simple measures it took for an everyday man to make the phenomenal achievements that Dr. King set out to do? What is keeping you from making the changes in your home, school, work or community that will allow everyone to benefit? Do you keep a journal of your day-to-day trials and tribulations? What dreams do you want to see come into fruition? These are all great questions to ask yourself as you begin journaling. Whether your cause is for the benefit of self or the benefit of a multitude, greatness begins in the mind.  Be introduced to the world of journaling through our guidebook “TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live”. We encourage you to remain faithful to making every journal entry as every idea to improve yourself, your environment and your community, is a step towards creating a better world for all.

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