It’s Time to Invest In You! Say Yes to Your Transformation!

It’s time to invest in YOU!  Go ahead, Say Yes to your Transformation!  Happiness Leads to Success!

Why do we wait until we are in a crisis before we invest in ourselves?  As a life and career coach, I understand this more and more each year I am in practice, said Life and Career Coach Maxine Phillips, Owner of GAMMS Unlimited Career Coaching and Consulting.

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Last month GAMMS Unlimited introduced their signature program titled Career Assignment Search & Interviewing Coaching.  This program is for students who graduated from high school, going to the community college for core classes but unsure of their next move. It is for college students at four-year institutions who just entered into college, those who are unsure of their degree focus or for those who are ready to graduate but could use some assistance with preparing for employment. This program is also for the unemployed, underemployed, and pre and post retirees.

Client Testimonial

We Are Here, and This is What We Do!  Let us assist you in your next career step. It’s time for you to take the step to understanding your strengths, to creating a robust resume, to articulating your achievements and to branding you. It’s time for you to show employers the value you bring to the organization.

“Do not hide your innate abilities but allow them to shine everywhere you go and in everything you do, so you can live your best life and do your best work”, says Maxine. It’s time to invest in YOU!  Go ahead, enroll in our program or give us a call at 919.349.1726.

Say Yes to Your Transformation!  You’ll be glad you did because Happiness Leads to Success!


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