‘Tis the Season to Write

The holiday season is a joyous time filled with love, laughter, and happy memories. What better time to reflect on all of these memories, such as children gathering in the home to open gifts, family members arriving from out-of-town, or laughter filling the air as you gather around the dinner table with the aroma of a holiday meal.  On the other hand, the holidays can bring mixed emotions and feelings as they deal with the loss of a loved one.  “Having a safe place to write these thoughts down can be freeing and life changing.  The warmth of the holiday season can be expressed in your thoughts and feelings by writing them down.  These are the moments we can treasure for a lifetime,” says North Carolina Career and Life Coach Maxine Phillips.

The Holidays are the Perfect Time to Start a Journal Says North Carolina Author

The author of the new journal and guidebook titled,Transformation Write + Share + Live says, “Journaling during the holiday season is a powerful way for you to think about family and friends more deeply, and writing gives you the chance to savor all of the special moments.”  During a time as hectic as the holiday season, Phillips believes it’s important to step back and think about the any things you are grateful for.  Whether you are writing about your favorite holiday traditions or recalling old memories, your journal will provide a special keepsake that you can enjoy or share it so generations can enjoy for years to come.

Phillips is the owner of GAMMS Unlimited Youth and Adult Career/Life Coaching Company in Raleigh, NC, and has been writing since the age of eleven while growing up in the small town of Yukon, West Virginia.  She says her inspiration to do so came from her mother who also kept a journal of her own.  Phillips says, “My mother left a legacy for me, my sisters and brothers through a notebook where she had written about each of her 12 children.  In 2012 when she asked me to read the notebook I was elated to read the stories about the love she had shown each of us.” Phillips invites you to join her in journaling.  Pre-orders are now being taken for Transformation Write + Share + Live. You can order here: http://gammsunlimited.com/transformation and Phillips adds, “Let your pen do the talking.”

11942134_1002146073171155_8740245789119613370_oMaxine Phillips is the founder and owner of GAMMS Unlimited Youth & Adult Life/Career Coaching Company. This is a professional organization who coach and consultant with individuals from middle school through adult. Her clients find success from discovering, growing and leveraging their innate abilities.  She is also the creator of the “Achievement Mindset Process” which enables students to find their educational direction, and plan for college and a career; adults to achieve greater career satisfaction; and business to effectively develop the skills of their employees. The Career & Life Coach is a seasoned professional with 30 years providing leadership and professional education consultation to small and large organizations.  To request her to speak your group or organization, contact:  Maxine@gammsunlimited.com

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